Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We Belong to Him

Oh, ladies, I just love this. It is such a good reminder, when you need a lift, or when you get discouraged, or really, just anytime, or to start your day. Priscilla Shirer has such a way with words, and she points us in the rightest of directions. This one is only three or four minutes.

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Listen up!

As Near as Your Breath

This is from the novel A New Song, by Jan Karon, and it moved me, so I'm sharing it with you.

"When you called on Him, was He somewhere up there, or was He as near as your very breath?"

"In the storms of your life, do you long for the consolation of His nearness and His friendship? ..It is unimaginable, isn't it, that He would want to be near us - frail as we are, weak as we are, and hopeless as we so often feel. God wants to be with us. That, in fact, is His name: Immanuel, God with us. And why is that so hard to imagine, when indeed, He made us for Himself? ...The One who made us...made us for Himself.

We're reminded in the Book of Revelation that He created all things - for His pleasure. Many of us believe that He created all things, but we forget the very best part - that He created us...for His pleasure.

 There are some of you who want to be done with seeking Him once a week, and crave, instead, to be with Him day after day, telling Him everything, letting it all hang out, just thankful to have such a blessing in your life as a friend who will never, under any circumstances, leave you, and never remove His love from you. Amazing? Yes, it is. It is amazing."