Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Comforting Thought

From my perch on the sixth floor, facing south, I get to enjoy both glorious sunrises (if I lean a little over the balcony), and beautiful sunsets. We have lovely sunshine all day through our two double sliders onto the balcony. Here is a little sunrise progression from the other morning:

 Still pretty dark, just starting to get light...

The sky had some lovely lavender shades in it, so much more stunning in real life. Our Father gives us these delights on a daily basis, always new, always a little different. How blessed are we?

I know I've given you quotes from Jan Karon before, but I just find some of the words in her novels so comforting. Here's another snippet that I just love, from Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good:

Father Tim speaks to a lady named Kim:
 " 'Let me pray for you.'

 'Please. I need help of any kind. I was raised Catholic, but somehow it never stuck. I couldn't imagine that God would be interested in me.'

' He's more than interested in you. It's a pretty radical notion, but he actually made us for himself, for his pleasure. He wants to hear from you anytime, about anything. Try to know that.'"
(bold and italic added)

Isn't that a comfort? That He made us for His own pleasure? And that He wants to hear from us anytime, about anything? Let's try to know that, and have a grand day in that comfort.

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