Monday, January 4, 2016

Daily Devotional by Email

If you like the idea of getting a daily devotional by email, I've found one that I think is good, solid. This organization is called "Truth for Life" and you can investigate them by using this link : Truth for Life    The devotional this morning was about how well the Lord knows each one of us, (intimately, with deep affection, since before we were born) and how much we still have to learn about Him.

"The Sun of Righteousness shone forth, and we could not see Him. Heaven came down to earth, and earth perceived it not. Let God be praised, those days are over with us; yet even now what we know of Jesus is small compared with what He knows of us. We have only begun to study Him, but He knows us altogether."

The material is written by a pastor named Alistair Begg, and the footnote at the bottom says that it's revised from writings (Morning and Evening)  by CH Spurgeon, updated for us.

There are also sermons to listen to, and a blog to follow.
If you want the daily devotional, there is a sign-up form in the right bottom corner.
Just fill it in.

Good stuff!


  1. Neil he is awesome! I praise God for what you are doing and thank you for following God. Blessed the Lord.

  2. Thanks for your comment, and I hope that this will be an encouragement to you.